Branding: how to brand your event

Brand Activation for your event.

Want to get your name, logo, and brand visible to your guests using a photo booth? Mirroring Memories has got you covered. Our booths  supports logos in PNG and JPG formatted. PNG is recommended.

But first, what is event branding?

Branding is more than just your logo or catchy tagline. When you brand your event guests create a mental shortcut that helps simplify how they think about a product or experience. A lightbulb will go off later that reminds them “oh yeah, that’s X company or event”

But what is brand activation? Is it a specific color you use? The font on a banner? Swag bags?

Event branding is a collection of  different elements. Like features on a distinctive face, the more recognizable you make it, the more memorable your event. While your event brand should reflect your organization, it can — and should — be a brand of its own.

For example, people may think of your nonprofit as an aspirational good cause — that’s your brand. At the same time, you want them to think of your fundraiser as a not-to-be-missed, entertaining event. Your event brand can and should include your company’s brand with a little twist.

Think of it as a formula. Your brand + a little twist = your event brand.

Branding elements

An event’s brand isn’t one thing, it’s a combination of details — big and small — that make it wonderful and memorable. Here are a few ideas to bring your brand to life at your event.

  • Use your logo as decor: Your event is more than your logo, but it doesn’t hurt to use it in unique ways. Consider a statement wall, branded photo booth, branded backdrop, branded photos.
  • Customized snacks: Brand anything edible for your foodie followers. For drinks, you could offer a special cocktail or stirring sticks with your logo on it.
  • All the small things: An unforgettable touch? Add some swag in the form of branded pens, shirts, notebooks, and stickers.
  • Social: Track likes, shares, and retweets by creating your own hashtag.

So what makes an event brand great? And how can you create a brand that resonates with attendees?


A promise is nothing if you can’t keep it. After you’ve carefully crafted and communicated your brand promise to attendees, you’ll be expected to deliver.

Every interaction with an attendee is an opportunity to bring your event’s brand to life. From the speakers and sponsors to the giveaways in your event swag bag, sweating the details will result in long-lasting relationships with attendees.