Virtual photo booth

1. Take a selfie with your phone

Grab your mobile device and snap a picture using your camera app. For Groups use landscape and for single person shots use portrait camera orientation.

2. send text message

Send that picture via text or email to a designated number or email address.

3. RECEIVE message

Wait about 60-90 seconds then you'll receive that same picture via text or email with a nice overlay template and or optional virtual background removal.

4. upload to Social media

You're done the photo is yours to keep or upload to any social media or platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Have your clients send a text message to your dedicated phone number or email to your business account.

Our Software will detect if the image is horizontal, vertical or square and it will frame it accordingly

You can also replace the background virtually.

Absolutely, Our software is is white label. Use your own number # or email or

It usually takes 2 and 1/2 minutes to receive your frame photo. 

Aside from receiving the original pictures from your clients, you’ll also have access to the framed ones, plus the phone # or email from the sender, gender and age from everyone in the pictures.

Absolutely! You have the option to print one picture automatically or more. 

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